EL4 metal rich- DaG 1031 
This is beside DaG 734 the almost only piece of this rare Enstatite Chondrite group in the world


One small, round-shaped meteorite of 20,15g was found in the sand desert of DaG in March 1998.

DaG 1031 consists of two very distinct lithologies: The major part is designed by a metal rich, almost unshocked and rather unequilibrated chondrule-rich texture. In sharp contrast the smaller portion is characterized by more shock melt and brecciation features. This part also seems to contain less (free!) metal and less undisturbed chondrules. Compare also the unpaired DaG 734 - EL4

Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake, 
MNB, and M. Kurz, Kurz): has abundant chondrules with a mean 
apparent diameter of about 450-500 m; enstatite, Fs0.4-1.4; Si in 
FeNi metal is ~0.9; contains ferroan alabandite, oldhamite, troilite, 
unusual Fe-Cr-sulfides, and hibonite-bearing CAIs; oxygen 
isotopes (I. Franchi and R. C. Greenwood, OU): δ17O = +3.47, 
δ18O = +6.62, ∆17O = +0.03 are well in the range of E chondrites; 
low degree of shock; moderately weathered. Specimens: 
type specimen, 4.6 g, plus one polished thin section, MNB, main 
mass, anonymous finder.
It is unpaired to any other known meteorite. 
World's other EL4 DAG 734 is in contrast to DaG 1031 extremely poor in free metal 
has a much lower magnetic susceptibility (than both lithologies of DaG 1031) 
and displays a very different lithology 
with ultra large, beautiful chondrules
Another EL4, the EL$-impact melt - Que 94368 , Antarctica , weighed only 1.2g when it was found!
Analysis: Dr. Ansgar Greshake, Humboldt Univ; Berlin.