Our Sun - You are the light of the World

The Sun in astrology  represents soul's goal for this life manifestation.

Soul's goal on solar level for this life manifestation is the Path of Christ. This Principle is embodied by Jesus, the Planetary Christ, and Sathya Sai Baba, who is the Cosmic Christ for this planet. The Sun is the potential of the "I am and I will." The quality of the level of intention is Solar. It includes self-awareness, self-sufficiency, and adulthood. A Solar identified person accepts his adultness, his identity as an individual. He/She has the ability to be alone (all-one). He/she feels never lonely, since he/she finds enthusiasm in solitude, in acceptance of his/her special separate uniqueness and in reunion with his/her creative source. Cosmic Christ patterns exist beyond all Sons and Daughters of God. The Christ principle or essence lives on different levels of spiritual evolution such as planetary, solar or galactic level. It is a step by step process of ascension to embody this Christ principle or essence at continually higher levels! The adulthood of man who realizes him/herself as a solar level co-creator expresses itself in his/her attitude towards experiences of life: What you do and who you are is your responsibility! A person who managed to create on a Solar level does not blame others for any failures, nor does it give much credit to them for good fortune, (except for an occasional condescending graciousness).

Helios and Vesta are related to energies of the solar level.

It is the realm of ideas, enthusiasm, communication, impact and magic.

The solar level is a good place to meet with the Archangel Michael. This Angel is a high being to call upon when you need protection or are in some kind of danger.

Solar aloneness (All-Oneness) does not mean withdrawal from All but in contrary it is the original creative state.

The solar level can be a great platform to gain the energy of discovery. Knowledge will attract knowledge and open more and more portals of Speed, Impact, Freedom and/or the Ability to Receive for you. This action will also keep you safe and protected from the often 2-side nature of knowledge that is acquired by force and/or too fast.

The Sun is connected with purpose, and therefore, has an awareness of what you'd call now future events. The solar level  may reveal knowledge to unite man with God. But you will not only acquire knowledge but also about how that knowledge touches the universe. Solar awareness allows you to project yourself backward and forward in time such and to come to conclusions about yourself. You accept yourself as you are in the present, here and now, with full awareness. The Sun fears nothing including change of outward identity. The serpent shedding its skin is a symbol of growth and the renewal of consciousness.

The process of becoming centered and living life from that center is an expression of Sun consciousness. Such a person becomes transparent. We can see into him and his light shines out to us. An evolved person lives from the solar level. He loves from that level. His love is conscious and intentional. It is stable, strong and totally accepting of the other as he is in his true nature. When Jesus said, "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy mind and all thy strength, and love thy neighbor as thyself,” he was stating the formula for conscious, Solar love. Pray to God/Goddess/All That Is regularly in a congruent way and develop a personal relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is on all levels of life. Your God/Goddess/All That Is realization will enhance step by step and  level by level from the planetary level, then the solar level followed by the galactic level…!  You must first complete planetary ascension, before solar ascension can begin.

A conscious person is powerful, very attractive, magnetic and frightening. Many find him/her difficult to be around, for he/she will not, cannot, tolerate nor support unconsciousness in others. They either become more conscious by contact with him/her, or leave because they cannot stand the light. Jesus said, "My yoke is easy and my burden is light  (as opposed to dark or ignorance; it does not mean heavy in physical weight in this context)." He taught how to link oneself to Pure Consciousness and to accept the burden of responsibility for enlightenment and self-realization.

Solar affinity and love are impossible for unconscious persons to accept, for they are terrified it will reveal their own emptiness and show up their  shameful shadows and secrets. It is the application of knowledge through divine means, and it is a great place to uncover deception and to find the truth of things. The light of God/Goddess/All That Is here is so mighty that it illuminates easily all falsehoods. Visit the ”solar knowledge chip” when you feel someone is being untruthful and you want to discover the true nature of a situation and/or the facts. Then use this knowledge to help you but not as a weapon to be used against another.

You do not always have to be correct. The more knowledge you acquire the more humble you must become.

He/she, who cannot accept and love himself as he/she is, cannot accept or recognize solar love, and he/she may react violently against it.

When we begin to live from our Sun, we risk becoming discontented as we come face to face with ourselves and either make changes or come to a truce with ourselves and our circumstances. For example, we can leave a relationship or choose to go on with it with our eyes open. If the relative is our child, we usually go on with it, but see him as he is, not as we had once wished he were or hoped he might become. And ironically, when we surrender and accept, then, and only then, does change become possible, either in the other or in ourselves.

Many seekers of truth on earth worship God/Goddess/All That Is through the Trinity and lens of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In English terms the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. They also worship the physical embodiments of these Beings as in Sathya Sai Baba.

Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner explained:

Our waking life is directly connected with the course of the sun - though indeed this is not quite true of people today, especially in towns. But if we look at simple country life, where this relation between outer nature and human living still largely prevails, we find that for most of the time people are awake while the sun is up and asleep while the sun is down. This regular alternation of waking and sleeping corresponds to the regular action of sunlight on the earth and all that springs from it. And it is not merely a picturesque way of speaking but deeply true to say that in the morning the sun recalls into the physical body the astral body and the ego, together with the Sentient Soul, the Intellectual Soul and the Consciousness Soul; and while he is awake man sees everything around him by means of the sun and its radiance. And when man has once more united all the members of his being in daylight consciousness, it is the sun which summons him to ordinary life. We shall now easily recognise, if we are not taking a superficial view of these things, how the sun regulates the relationship of man to itself and to the earth. Let us now look more closely at three aspects of this relationship.

What the solid substance of the earth absorbs in the form of solar forces, what the earth absorbs in its sheaths of air and water, in its changing conditions of warmth, what it absorbs in that part of the earth (now no longer physically perceptible) which participates in the harmony of the spheres, the life forces it receives directly from the sun - all this is related to the inner forces which act upon the human heart through the circulation of the blood. In reality all these forces act upon the circulation of the blood and through the blood upon the heart. It is the blood that drives the heart and not the heart that drives the blood. And the whole of this organisation which is concentrated in the activity of the heart is none other than the human microcosmic reflection of those macrocosmic activities that the earth first receives from the sun.

“The human brain has little to do directly with the solar activities of the earth. Directly, I say; but indirectly, as an organ of perception, it is very much concerned with them in that it perceives, for example, the external light and colours; but that is perception. But directly, in its structure, in its inner mobility, in its whole inner life, the brain has little, in fact virtually nothing to do with the activities of the sun upon the earth; it is more concerned with all that rays down upon the earth from beyond the solar system. It is concerned with the cosmic conditions of the whole starry heavens, but not with the more limited conditions of our solar system. What we call the cerebral substance is more closely related to the moon, but only insofar as the moon is not dependent upon the sun, has preserved its independence of the sun.

You will gather from this that, in a certain respect, even the structure of the brain is a sort of reflection of the position of the heavenly bodies at the time of a man's birth in that geographical region where he is born. Through his brain man belongs to the whole stellar universe; through his heart and everything connected with it he belongs to the sun; through his digestive system and everything associated with it he is, in another sense a terrestrial being.

Thus in our daily life and action we are under the influence of the same spiritual forces, to the outward signs of which we look up with awe and wonder when we look out into the starry heavens. He alone is able to look up with inner truth who knows that in the stars, raying down to us from cosmic space, are to be seen the signs and characters of the great cosmic writing. For they are but the written signs of the great Universe — of the eternal, all-embracing spiritual life and process which also lives within us and of which we, once more, are but the image.

The whole of cosmic space is filled with spiritual beings of the different hierarchies working in different ways from various directions on to the earth.

The sun has the most powerful influence of all. But it exerts its greatest influence upon everything on the earth that is dead, that must be called to new life every year.

Long, long ago, in an instinctive atavistic clairvoyance, mankind had vision and perception of these things. The vision faded. If he had kept it, man could never have grown free. The ancient vision was therefore darkened. In compensation, the Mystery of Golgotha came into earthly life. A sublime Being from the population of the Sun came to Earth. He could not, it is true, bring to mankind all at once a consciousness of what is going on in yonder world of stars, but He brought with Him the forces whereby this consciousness can gradually be achieved.

Therefore it happened that to begin with, while the Mystery of Golgotha was taking place, a Gnostic wisdom was still there, inherited from olden time, through which the Mystery was understood This wisdom too then faded out; during the fourth century after Christ it vanished altogether. Yet the spiritual force which had come to Earth through Christ remained. Man can now call this force to life within him, if he once opens his eyes to the reality of spiritual worlds, as he can do through the communications of modern spiritual Science.

the sun as it moves in space today is not only there for clairvoyant sight as an etheric structure, it is also a globe of gas, it's condensed to the state of air. The sun would never have condensed to the state of air had not the Being of Whom I spoke yesterday, the Being Who descended to Earth with the dove in the Baptism by John in the Jordan, during the Sun evolution detached Himself from the Sun in a body of air and not merely in an etheric body. Thus when we look up at the sun we have to say: `the warmth, light and chemical impulses in the sun are connected with the other Beings, those who are only the ideas or representations of the lower gods; but the gaseous element in the sun is actually the body of Christ.

Parallel with the experience of the plant-seed in the depths of the natural earth, there is a spiritual experience in the earth's spirit-depths - verily a parallel experience. The sufferings in Kamaloca that man must endure in the spiritual world because Lucifer has been at his side since he began to incarnate on the earth - the clearest vision of all this is presented in the mighty Imaginations which can come before the soul during the Thirteen Days and Nights between the Christmas Festival and the Festival of the 6th of January, the Epiphany. The soul gazes at a vista of all that man must experience in the spiritual worlds because, under Lucifer's influence, he alienated himself from the Powers by whom the world was created. Hence there is no better preparation for the revelation of that Imagination which may be called the Christ Imagination and which makes us aware that by gaining the victory over Lucifer, Christ Himself becomes the Judge of the deeds of men during the incarnations affected by Lucifer's influence.

At the same time we see how with the Luciferian influence man became independent of certain forces to which he had hitherto been entirely subject. Henceforth he could make resolves — quite on his own. Freedom is thus the result of this influence. Fear, and feelings akin to fear, are but concomitant phenomena of man's evolution towards freedom.

There is a spiritual aspect to this emergence of fear. Within the forces of the Earth, under whose influence man had been brought by the Luciferian powers, other powers were at work — powers which had begun to evince irregularity far earlier in evolution than the Luciferian. Along with the Earth forces, man began now to receive into his being the influences of these other powers. They instilled into feelings which without them would have worked quite differently, the quality of fear. We may name them here the Ahrimanic beings; they are the same as are called by Goethe, Mephistophelian.

Now although at first the Luciferian influence made itself felt only in the most advanced human beings, it soon began to extend over others too. The descendants of the more advanced mingled with those of the less advanced, with the result that the Luciferian force penetrated also to these. Moreover the life-body of the souls returning from the planets could not be protected to the same extent as the life-body of the descendants of those who had remained on Earth. The protection of the latter was the work of a sublime Being who had the leadership in the Cosmos at the time when the Sun separated from the Earth. In connection with the development we are here considering, this Being appears as the Ruler in the kingdom of the Sun. With Him there journeyed to the Solar dwelling-place such sublime Spirits as had attained the necessary maturity in their cosmic evolution.

But there were also Beings who at the separation of the Sun had not reached this height of development. They had to look for other scenes of action. And these are the Beings through whom it had come to pass that Jupiter and other planets split off from the common World-substance which was in the physical organism of the Earth in the beginning. Jupiter became the habitation of Beings who had not matured to the level of the Sun. The most advanced among them became the leader of Jupiter. As the leader of the Sun evolution became the higher Ego, working in the life-body of the descendants of the human beings who had remained on Earth, so did the Jupiter leader become the higher Ego which passed like a common consciousness through other human beings — those, namely, who traced their descent to a mingling of the offspring of the men who had remained on Earth with those who had only appeared on Earth at the time of the air element and had then gone off to Jupiter. The latter may accordingly be named in spiritual science “Jupiter men.” They were those human descendants who in that ancient time had still been receiving human souls — souls, however, which at the beginning of Earthly evolution had not yet been mature enough to partake in the first contact with the fire-element. These were souls between the human and the animal kingdoms.

And there were still other Beings, who — once more under the leadership of a Highest among them — had separated Mars out of the common World-substance as their dwelling-place, and they exercised their influence upon a third kind of human being who had also arisen by intermingling, the “Mars men.” (This kind of knowledge throws light on the fundamental causes and origins of the planets in our solar system. All the heavenly bodies of this system have come into being through the varying degrees of maturity of the Spirits who inhabit them. Naturally. we cannot enter here into all the details of these cosmic differentiations.)

"...Those human beings on the other hand, who beheld the presence in their life-body of the high Being of the Sun Himself, may be called “Sun men.” The Being who lived in them as a higher Ego — only in the generations, needless to say, not in the single individuals — is the One to whom diverse names were subsequently given, when men acquired conscious knowledge of Him. To the men of the present time He is the One in whom the relation of the Christ to the Cosmos is revealed."

But now it was so, that in the lower kinds of human beings the life-body was after all too little protected, and could not sufficiently resist the encroachments of the Luciferian nature. Such human beings could so far extend the arbitrary power of the fiery spark o the I which was within them as to be able to call forth in their environment mighty workings of fire, of a harmful nature. This led eventually to a stupendous Earth catastrophe. A great portion of the then inhabited Earth was destroyed in these fire-storms, and with it perished also the human beings who had fallen into error. Only a very small number of them, having remained comparatively untouched by error, could save themselves by taking refuge on some region of the Earth that had so far been protected from the harmful influence of men. One land in particular proved suitable as such a dwelling-place for the new humanity. It was situated at the part of the Earth's surface which is now covered by the Atlantic Ocean. The portion of mankind that had remained most pure from error migrated thither. Other parts became inhabited only by stray remnants. The continent which then existed between the present Europe, Africa and America may be called in spiritual science, Atlantis. (The above-described period of human evolution, preceding the Atlantean, is dealt with from a certain aspect in the relevant literature. It is there called the Lemurian epoch of the Earth, whereas the time when the Moon forces had not yet unfolded their most powerful effects may be called the Hyperborean age. This epoch was preceded by yet another, which coincides with the very earliest time of physical Earth evolution. In Biblical tradition the time before the entry of the Luciferian beings is referred to as the time of Paradise, and the descent on to the Earth — man's entanglement in the world of the senses — as the expulsion from Paradise.)


It was during evolution in the region of Atlantis that the actual separation of humanity into the men of Saturn, Sun, Jupiter and Mars took place. Previously, no more than the initial tendencies in this direction had shown themselves. The division also into the waking and the sleeping state now entailed yet other important consequences, which came strongly into evidence in Atlantean humanity. During the night, man's astral body and Ego were in the realm of the Beings above him, reaching as far as to the Spirits of Personality. Through the portion of his life-body which was not united with the physical he could have perception of the Sons of Life (the Angels) and the Fire Spirits (the Archangels.) For he could remain united, during sleep, with this portion of the life-body. His perception however of the Spirits of Personality remained indistinct, and this was directly due to the Luciferian influence. But with the Angels and Archangels, other beings also became visible to man in this condition. These were being who, having remained behind on Sun and Moon, had not been able to enter upon Earth-existence at all; they had had perforce to remain in the world of soul and spirit. Under the Luciferian influence, however, man drew them into the realm of his own soul when it was separated from the physical. Thus he came into touch with beings whose influence upon him was in the highest degree seductive. They multiplied in his soul the impulses that led him astray, especially the impulse to misuse the forces of growth and reproduction, which now stood at man's disposal owing to the partial separation of the physical body from the life-body.


Now there were individual human beings of the Atlantean epoch who were to a large extent enabled to avoid entanglement in the world of the senses. Through them the Luciferian influence was changed from a hindrance in man's evolution into a means for his higher progress. For with its help they were enabled to unfold a knowledge of the things of Earth sooner than would otherwise have been possible, and in so doing, they strove to remove error from their mental life and to bring to light from out of the world's phenomena the primal intentions of the Spirit-Beings. They kept themselves free from impulses and cravings of the astral body directed merely to the world of the senses. Thus they became less and less liable to error, and were brought in this way into conditions of consciousness whereby they had perception purely in that part of the life-body which was separated from the physical. At these times it was as though the physical body's power of perception were extinguished and the body itself dead. But through the life-body these human beings were wholly united with the kingdom of the Spirits of Form, and could learn from them how they were led and guided by the sublime Being who had been the Leader in the severance of Sun and Earth, and through whom the understanding for the “Christ” was subsequently revealed to man. Such men were Initiates. But because the human individuality had now, as we have seen, come into the domain of the Moon Beings, even the Initiates could not, as a rule, be touched directly by the Sun Beings. He could be revealed to them only, as it were in reflection, through the Moon Beings. Thus they beheld not the Sun Being Himself, but His reflected radiance. These Initiates became the leaders of the rest of mankind, to whom they were able to communicate the secrets they saw. They trained up disciples, teaching them the paths to the attainment of the condition that leads to Initiation. The knowledge of what had formerly manifested through “Christ” was attainable only by such as belonged to the Sun humanity in the sense above described. These cultivated their secret knowledge and the ministrations which led up to it, at a special sanctuary which shall here be named the Christ — of the Sun — Oracle. (Oraculum meaning a place where the intentions of spiritual Beings are perceived.)


What is here said in reference to the Christ will be misunderstood unless the following is borne in mind. Supersensible knowledge has to recognize, in the appearance of Christ on Earth, an event to which those men of earlier ages who knew the meaning and purpose of Earth evolution could point, as to an event that was to come in the future. It would be a mistake to presume in those Initiates a relationship To Christ which has only been made possible by the event they prophesied. This much they could prophetically understand and bring home to their disciples: “Who so is touched by the might of the Sun Being, sees the Christ coming towards the Earth.”

The solar forces work to build up the brain and the upper part of the spinal cord, Sun-forces: Amshaspands

Sun relates to: King Arthur in “King Arthur's Round Table.”


Man should therefore become aware of the deep significance of this fact. When he looks back and remembers his past life, he must admit: I see in memory the experiences I underwent from day to day, but there is ever and again a hole, a gap of darkness. It is this darkness which in my ordinary consciousness I call ‘I’. But I must now become conscious of something more than this.

I have summed up this ‘something more’ in a few words, which — as a kind of meditation reaching out to the true ‘I’ — may be inscribed in the soul of every human being of our time. Ever repeatedly we may call to life in us these words of meditation, which I will write as follows:


Ich schaue in die Finsternis:
In ihr ersteht Licht —
Lebendes Licht.
Wer ist dies Licht in der Finsternis?
Ich bin es selbst in meiner Wirklichkeit!
Diese Wirklichkeit des Ich
Tritt nicht ein in mein Erdendasein.
Ich bin nur Bild davon.
Ich werde es aber wieder finden,
Wenn ich,
Guten Willens fur den Geist,
Durch des Todes Pforte gegangen.

I gaze into the Darkness.
In it there arises Light —
Living Light!
Who is this Light in the Darkness?
It is I myself in my reality.
This reality of the ‘I’
Does not enter into my earthly life.
I am but a picture of it.
But I shall find it again
When with good will for the Spirit
I shall have passed through the Gate of Death.

Entering ever and again into a meditative saying of this kind, we can confront the Darkness. We realize that here on Earth we are only a picture of our true Being — that our true Being never comes down into the earthly life. Yet in the midst of the Darkness, through our good will towards the Spirit, a Light can dawn upon us, of which we may in truth confess: This Light am I myself in my reality.

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