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What are Howardites? Howardites are a rather rare group of achondrites that appear to be the link between eucrites and diogenites . Howardites are polymict breccias. They contain  crystals and irregular clasts of eucrite and diogenite, they are polymict breccia. Howardites are thought to have originated from the surface of Vesta.

NWA 1929 howardite

NWA 1929, 1 piece was collected in 5/2003 with a TKW of 922.3 grams (22.02g deposit material at NAU)

5.5 gram end cut 6x5x1cm w.crust 191$; 2g slice 23x22mm $76, 0.2g slice 4x5mm with crust $10

  NWA 3117 Howardite available @$20/gr 0,6g; 76 gram endcut

NWA 3078 highly beautiful!

Meteoritical Bulletin: Howardite

Recommended: Eucrite-pmict


from MB 88: Northwest Africa 3078

One single stone of 733 g mostly covered with fresh fusion crust

was found in winter 2002/2003 by an anonymous finder in the Western Saharan desert. Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake and M. Kurz, MNB): polymict breccia dominated by

often chemically zoned orthopyroxene fragments set into a clastic

matrix. Other types of fragments include large blocky pagioclase,

Other types of fragments include large blocky pagioclase, pigeonite with augite exsolution lamellae, and unusual

orthopyroxene and sulfide-rich clasts; orthopyroxene, Fs23.8- 47.7Wo1.4-3.3, plagioclase, An90.9; pigeonite, Fs25-40.3Wo5.1-6.3; augite, Fs17.7-29.6Wo27.3-42.4; minor phases are sulfides, FeNi metal,

chromite, and Al-Ti-rich chromite; low degree of shock; low degree of weathering. Specimens: Main mass with anonymous

finder; type specimen 20 g plus one polished thin section MNB.
Classification and mineralogy: (Dr.A. Greshake and M. Kurz): Berlin, Humboldt Univ; Germany

! Available slices show unusual inclusions!

1.1g slice sold, 1.3g slice 18x20mm; 7.04g slice 43x52mm


NWA 2060 Howardite

A 985 g, very fresh howardite with shiny fusion crust, was purchased

in Rissani, July 2003. Classification and mineralogy (T. Bunch

and J. Wittke, NAU): a howardite of unusual characteristics.

Fine-grained and powdery, average clast and mineral grain size is

< 2mm with few clasts > 3 mm. Clast modes: diogenites, 74 vol.

%; eucrites 20 vol. % (12 % cumulate, 8 % basaltic); anorthositic-

like clasts, 3 %; shock melt clasts. 2 %, and opaques, 1%.

Diogenite orthopyroxene, Fs35.6-38.8Wo2.3-4.2; plagioclase, An 87;

chromite, Cr/(Cr+Al) = 0.81; metal, Ni = 0.67 wt %. Melt inclusions

in opx contain Ca-rich pyroxene, Fs33.3Wo37.5; phosphate,

silica phase, and K-rich glass. Plagioclase-pyroxene cumulates,

Fs38.2Wo21; plagioclase, An86.

eucrite textures include recrystallized,

granular, ophitic, subophitic, and variolitic

(Fs31.6Wo7 and Fs61.8Wo33). Plagioclase-rich clasts have 95 vol.%

plagioclase (An96.1). Mildly shocked; no apparent oxidation or Fe

staining. Specimens: 26 g, NAU: main mass. Boswell.

GS $12; BB $19; 2.1g slice 25x22mm $120, 0.4g slice 7x4mm with crust $27

  Howardite / Eucrite, Name: DaG 411

Found May 13th 1999.Achondrite (Howardite). A single 400 g howardite of fresh condition was found by a person prospecting for meteorite.interesting interior . Originally DaG 411 was classified as an eucrite because small research samples can cross only the eucritic zone inside the Howardite  
available thin slices with crust:
Bug Box  $12; thin slice: 0,52g $73;  2.65g 23x17mm  $330;
0.940g thin slice 16x15mm  $1

  Howardite / Eucrite, DaG 671

Found 1999. Quite Fresh; interesting interior 


Howardite  - DaG 779

One fragmented meteorite of TkW 18,8 kg was found 20th of November 1999 in the desert and is the largest known howardite find, listed, with shock (S2) , weathering (W1) and type classification, basic data and mineral analysis, plagioclase: An74.6-96.3, avg. An89.5 Or0.5.

Bug Box  $19; thin slice: 0,5g $54      thin slice: 1,1g $149

  Howardit - Dho 018

Bug Box  $19; 0,21gr ultrathin slice; endpiece

  You can find some howardites that were classified as polymict eucrite under:   Eucrites

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