Dho 489

Lunar crystalline matrix breccia

contains lunar crustal material (old lunar troctolite) similar in composition

 to the surprising recovery of the Genesis Rock brought back by Apollo 15

4.27 billion years old!

almost as old as Earth's Moon itself!

1 stone of  34,4g was found 11th of August 2001

  by anonymous finder. Fusion crust absent.

The meteorite is a crystalline matrix feldspathic breccia

 consisting of clasts of various lithologies embedded into a fine-grained crystalline matrix. . Very low 10Beand 41Ca concentrations .

The ejection depth was more than 1100 g/cm2 on the Moon. The transition time was 6±2 kyr.

Makroscopic View: Light-brown and white-brown parts, that are transparent at the side and shiny.

We see light Mascelinite which is isotropic (black) in polarisation;

There is a green fine granulate, some pieces show small breccias, some are red (troctolite), consisting of many broken grains;

some of the grains are showing shock-veins.

Deposit Material: 7g+ Chyba Institute, Japan