Lunar regolith breccia - Dho 302               
Mineralogy:   One meteorite of 3.83 g was found 2001, June 28th in the Dhofar region. Mineralogy and classification (M. Nazarov, Vernadsky Institute, L. Taylor, University of Tennessee): fusion crust is absent; meteorite is a clast-rich impact melt breccia. The fine glassy matrix is rich of (shiny-black) glassy vesicles of up to a few mm in diameter; mineral fragments and lithic clasts are set within a poorly crystallized impact melt glassy matrix; impact melt breccias are most abundant in the lithic clast population; fragments of primary igneous rocks and granulites of anorthositic, gabbro-noritic, and troctolitic compositions are common; rare glass fragments of KREEP composition were found; mare basalt material is probably present; feldspar, An90-99; orthopyroxene, Wo1-4En45-88; clinopyroxene, Wo6-46En2-83, olivine, Fo8-94 (Fe/Mn ~86 atom%); accessory minerals are Ti-rich chromite, Mg-Al-spinel, ilmenite (0.4-6 wt% MgO), baddeleyite, silica, tranquilityite (?), troilite, and FeNi metal (0.7-44 wt% Ni; 0.2-1.4 wt% Co); composition of the impact-melt glassy matrix is SiO2 = 44.5, TiO2 = 0.27, Al2O3 = 28.1, Cr2O3 = 0.09, FeO = 4.02, MnO = 0.06, MgO = 4.84, CaO = 16.5, Na2O = 0.41, K2O = 0.09, P2O5 = 0.12 (wt%); terrestrial weathering is not significant. Dho 302 seems to more differentiated and also more rich in igneous and granulitic lithologies to any other known lunar meteorite in this part of the Dho region.

Specimens: type specimens of 0.75 g, and a thin section, Vernadsky Institute; main mass with anonymous finder