Iron meteorite,

Name: Sikhote-Alin,
Iron meteorite, Observed fall: February 12, 1947, 2 hours before noon 25 miles from Novopoltavka, Siberia producing hundreds of impact holes, the largest 28 m across, over an area of 1200 x 700 m, and many fragments, up to 400kg in weight were found scattered inside and outside the craters.

Several of the pieces found were sticking in trees ! Travellers in a train of the transsibiric railway saw the smoke of the fireball from some distance. TKW.: More than 20.000 pieces of more than 30,000kg,

Type: Iron IIB,  Octahedrite, coarsest

5.9% Ni, 0.42% Co, 0.46% P, about 0.28% S, 52 ppm Ga, 161 ppm Ge, 0.03 ppm Ir.