Rumurutiite type 4 - NWA 1583


is one of world's most fresh Rumurutiites!

Northwest Africa

Found 2001/2002 winter

Rumuruti chondrite (R3.9)

Several small pieces totaling 78 g were found in the winter 2001/2002 by an anonymous finder in the Occidental Saharan desert. Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake and M. Kurz): an unbrecciated 3.9 type Rumuruti chondrite; olivine, Fa37.32.6 (range Fa28.2-40.2); low-Ca pyroxene, Fs18.04.6 (range Fs12.4-25.3); augite, Fs8.2-10.2Wo30.2-48.4; plagioclase, An7.8-12.1; shock stage, S2; degree of weathering, W1/2. Main mass with anonymous finder; type specimen 15.6 g plus one polished thin section MNB.