Partly cumulated eucrite - Northwest Africa 3075


Achondrite (eucrite); polymict breccia with basaltic, impact melt and large minerals clasts set into a more fine-grained matrix of plagioclase, pigeonite with augite exsolution lamellae, and opaque phases; some clasts show cumulate texture; plagioclase, An87 (range

A single stone of 446 g completely covered by fusion crust was found in 2000 by an anonymous finder in the Western Saharan

desert. Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake and M. Kurz,

MNB): An83.4-88.2); pigeonite, Fs32.9-74.2Wo7.5-16.7; augite, Fs64.7Wo21.6;

minor phases include silica, chromite, and phosphates; numerous shock veins, strong mosaicism of pyroxene, and strong undulatory extinction of plagioclase attest high degree of shock; moderate

degree of weathering. Specimens: Main mass with

anonymous finder; type specimen 20.2 g plus one polished thin

section MNB.