Lunar anorthositic granulitic breccia DHO 733,


A small brownish stone weighing 17 g was found in the Dhofar region of Oman. Mineralogy and classification (S. Demidova, Vernad., G. Kurat, MNHV ): fusion crust is absent;the rock contains relics of mineral and lithic clasts and shows granoblastic or poikiloblastic textures; anorthositic, troctolitic and gabbro-noritic lithologies are present; feldspar, An89-96; orthopyroxene, Wo4-5En73-76; clinopyroxene; Wo36-40En48-52; olivine, Fo71-76 (Fe/Mn ~ 87 at); accessory minerals are armalcolite, ilmenite, Al-chromite, Ca-phosphate, troilite, and FeNi metal (31-43 wt% Ni; 1.3-1.7 wt% Co); lath-shaped armalcolite is most common; the stone is moderately weathered; smectite, gypsum, and Fe hydroxides are present. Dhofar 733 was found far away from other lunar stones collected in the Dhofar region and has a texture that is distinctly different to theirs. It, therefore, is very likely not paired with any other Dhofar lunar finds known.