rare type of Eucrite - there is a probability that this meteorite might have originated from Planet Mercury due to intriguing facts


Anom. Eucrite with Mesosiderite tendency - Dho 007

found 1999 in Dhofar, Oman,

Brecciated meteorites of total mass 21.270 kg; 37 pieces. Mineralogy: brecciated Fs (mol%) 43.3, An 92; Black impact melt veins and pockets are abundant.Dhofar 007 contains good visible shiny metal inclusions,

This material came from a bigger fragment which seems to have originated from the mantle or crust region of a bigger parent body in space. That body was heavily molten and magmatically differentiated. The material went through an extensive reduction process and such most of its metal was separated from the feldspar and pyroxenes to the clearly visible evenely distributed free metal inclusions (obviously not caused by shock). Top scientists and eucrite specialists Yamaguchi (et al) from Japan proved that the metallic phases of this meteorite experienced very slow cooling. This thermal history indicator may refer to the origin of a bigger parent body.