Lunar Meteorite: Dar al Gani 996      

from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 87

Dar al Gani 996

Found 1999 May 14

Lunar meteorite (fragmental breccia) 

Single stone of 12.31 g found by an anonymous finder in the sand desert of Dar al Gani. Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake, MNB; M. Kurz, Kurz): a fragmental breccia with lithic and mineral fragments set into a fine-grained clastic matrix; the clast size is generally =1 mm; mafic clasts are by far more abundant than feldspathic clasts; schlieren and vesicles are rare. Plagioclase composition, An96.7 (range An94.3-98.3); pigeonite, Fs19.7-51.3Wo5.5-14.1; augite, Fs24.7-38.7Wo24.7-41.7; most Ca-pyroxenes contain pigeonite exsolution lamellae; olivine, Fa30.5 (range Fa14.2-43.2). Orthopyroxene, Fe,Ni metal, ilmenite, Mg-Al-chromite, and troilite are present as minor phases; crystalline fragments include intersertal impact melt rocks, dark fine-grained and microporphyritic impact melt clasts, olivine, pyroxene and cataclastic feldspar; no regolith component, i.e. glass spherules was found; very strong mosaicism of plagioclase, as well as abundant melt veins and melt pockets attest a high degree of shock; the meteorite is moderately weathered; calcite occurs in cracks. Specimens: main mass with anonymous finder; type specimen, 2.5 g, plus one polished thin section, MNB.