DaG 995

Eucrite, partially cumulated

A single stone of 56.12 g partly covered by fusion crust was found 2001 January 3 by an anonymous finder in the sand desert of Dar al Gani. Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake and M. Kurz): has subophitic texture with plagioclase laths embedded in exsolved Ca-pyroxene, augite, and silica; several areas of the meteorite are recrystallized; plagioclase, An89.5 (range An88.4-90.6); exsolved Ca-pyroxene with pigeonite lamellae, Fs51.8-60Wo5-15.2 and augite lamellae, Fs31-34.2Wo37.3-40.5; unexsolved augite Fs30.7Wo40.6; minor phases include orthopyroxene, ilmenite and Ti-rich chromite; plagioclase contains small crystallographically orientated inclusions of augite, pigeonite, and silica; augite contains small plagioclase and Ti-rich chromite inclusions; the sample appears to be unbrecciated in thin section; low degree of shock; low degree of weathering. Main mass with anonymous finder; type specimen 11.6 g plus one polished thin section MNB.